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How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App

Nowadays, there is a great demand for Instagram reels. It is a feature on Instagram where you can shoot and post their short videos just like tik tok. But to watch these videos you must spend your data, that is, they can only be watched online. But don’t worry we will provide you a few ways by which you can download these videos even offline. You may be thinking these can be downloaded from the Instagram app or website NO! it’s not possible! Then how? No worries, we are here to help you without letting you wait any longer. Let’s see how to download Instagram reels without any app.

How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App
How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App

Here are top 3 methods we recommend to download Instagram reels.

How to Save Instagram Reels (Within Instagram)?

It doesn’t need more effort as we have a simple and straightforward method. You can save Instagram reels through the Instagram app.

  • Open Instagram reels you find three dots click it then you will see an option save just hit it.
  • To access your saved videos go to the homepage of your Instagram, click the three lines at top right corner, click saved.

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You can only save videos online and only on Instagram. Below are a few steps you need to follow to save Instagram reels on your device.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos to Your Device?

We have a lot of web tools that help you download Instagram reels videos on your desired device like Android, iPhone, PC/ laptop and Mac. I have found to be the most nice tool.

  • Visit Instagram reels page. Click three dots and choose a copy link.
Click three dots and choose a copy link
  • Go to the browser and visit search for tools and pick Instagram Downloader.
  • Paste the copied Instagram reels in the space available there and click the search button.
Paste The Copied Link
  • To find the results just scroll down for some time.
  • Click the download button present below and the video will be saved on your device.
Click the download button

You can watch those videos in the download folder on your device as they will be saved there.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos Using Google Chrome Extension?

Other than using a web tool to download Instagram reels you can download them through Chrome extension Instagram Downloader. This is mainly meant for desktop users. It is a must and should have Chrome Instagram Downloader for desktop users to download Instagram reels. Let’s look at the steps to use the tool.

  • Visit the Chrome web store and search for Instagram video Downloader.
  • Pick add to Chrome to add the appendage to the Chrome browser.
  • Take your desktop and open Instagram, sign in with your details.
  • You don’t have a reels section on your desktop as available on the app. But you can visit the user’s profile and select the reels tab present next to IGTV.
  • Enlarge the video by popping on it.
  • You will find a download button beside the save option click it so that you can preserve Instagram reels videos offline on your desktop.

You can access the downloaded videos in the download folder on your desktop or you can find these on the last saved location.

Hope your quest for downloading Instagram reels videos ends here!


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