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Samsung Galaxy M44 5G certified by Bluetooth SIG

The Samsung Galaxy M44 5G is on its way, taking over from the Galaxy M34 5G. We got a sneak peek from a leaked photo that showed it has three cameras and comes in black. Now, it’s official – the Samsung Galaxy M44 5G got certified by Bluetooth SIG. This certification tells us the official name of the phone and its model number.

What Samsung Galaxy M44 5G certified by Bluetooth SIG?

The Samsung Galaxy M44 5G has received official approval from Bluetooth SIG. This certification, discovered by MySmartPrice, tells us that the phone’s model number is SM-M446K. It also confirms that the phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy M44 and that it will support Bluetooth version 5.2. However, aside from these details, we don’t know much else about the phone at this time.

What Makes the Samsung Galaxy M44 5G Special?

Let’s start with the exciting things that set the Samsung Galaxy M44 5G apart.

Awesome Design and Build: This phone looks awesome! It’s slim, stylish, and comes in cool colors. People will notice it.

A Super Clear Screen: the Samsung Galaxy M44 5G has a fantastic display. It’s super sharp and colorful. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or just browsing the internet, the screen is amazing.

Fast Internet with 5G: This phone is all about speed. It’s got 5G, so you can download stuff really quickly and watch videos without any annoying delays.

Really Fast Inside: The Samsung Galaxy M44 5G has a powerful brain inside. This means it can do lots of things at once without getting slow.

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Great Camera: If you love taking pictures, this phone has you covered. It has a really good camera that takes awesome photos and even close-up shots.

Detailed Specs of Samsung Galaxy M44 5G

Let’s see the details of this phone.

Screen: The screen is big and super sharp, with lots of pixels to make things look great.

Inside: It’s got a powerful processor inside that makes everything run smoothly.

Storage: You can choose how much storage you want, depending on how many apps and photos you need to keep.

Fast Internet: It’s all about speed with 5G, so you can browse the web or stream videos super fast.

Battery Life: The battery lasts a long time, so you don’t need to charge it all the time.

Top Features of Samsung Galaxy M44 5G?

1. Easy to Use: The phone has a simple and easy-to-understand screen that makes it simple to use.

2. Security: Your phone is safe with a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition.

3. Software Updates: Samsung keeps your phone up to date with the latest software, so it stays fast and safe.

4. Entertainment: The phone is perfect for watching movies and listening to music with great quality.


The Samsung Galaxy M44 5G is a great phone with a cool design, a sharp screen, fast 5G internet, and a powerful brain. It’s also got a fantastic camera, so you can take awesome photos. Whether you’re a tech fan or just need a good phone, this one has everything you need.

If you want a phone that’s fast, stylish, and can do lots of things, you should definitely think about getting the Samsung Galaxy M44 5G. It’s not just a phone; it’s a cool upgrade for your life.

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