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How to Control My Phone With Voice?

Thinking about how to Control your phone with voice? Yes! There’s an option to control your phone with voice. Don’t stress yourself more! Here’s the thing you need.

Voice Access is the app that helps you Control your phone with your voice commands. With this you can command your phone without touching it that saves much of your time.

Voice Access can be the best one for those who can’t type something and also for the busy individuals. Simply Control your phone by commanding it with your voice and get your work done in a simple way. Let’s go deep with the Voice Access app.

Voice Access App

Voice Access as the name suggests uses your voice to run the functions of your phone. You can control the navigation bar like go back, go home etc, control the screen like tap next, scroll down and even edit a text by just spelling out the text.

To know about all commands you can say “Help”. Voice Access can be the best app for those who are blind or couldn’t type due to some disabilities or for those who are engaged in some other work. 

When you speak out anything to message something it converts your words into text and sends to the desired person. Voice Access helps you open various apps, text a message, call someone and many more with your voice.

How to Use Voice Access App?

To use Voice Access you should have it on your device but before you download the app you need to look for some requirements. Check out the requirements mentioned below.

  • Your Android device must be of 5.0 version or higher. Go to the settings and then about the phone to know the version of your phone.
  • You must have a Google app previously.
  • Selected language for easy speaking that controls your phone.

Step Wise Guide to Use Voice Access

Here are a few steps you need to follow to use Voice Access to control your phone with your voice.

Step-01: Check your Phone

Firstly, you need to check whether your phone is compatible with the Voice Access or not. Above mentioned are the few recommendations that must be fulfilled to use Voice Access on your device.

Step 02: Download Voice Access App 

If your phone is compatible with the app, navigate to google play store and download the Voice Access app.

Step 03: Activate the Voice Access 

To activate or start using the Voice Access app you need to navigate to the settings and click on Accessibility later open the voice Access option present there.You will find the Use Voice Access option click it.

Voice Access can be started in the following three ways:

  • If there is activated Hey Google detection then you just need to say Hey Google, Voice Access. 
  • You can also use it by opening the Voice Access app on the main menu.
  • The third way is to activate the Voice Access button.

Following the above steps you can use the Voice Access on your phone and control your phone with your voice.


Wrapping Up

Now you need not to struggle much to use your phone as you now know how to Control your phone with your voice. Just follow the above mentioned steps to use the Voice Access and have a hands free control on your phone.

Stay connected with us to get more info about similar stuff. Hope here’s everything you need. Let us know if there’s something we have missed or you need to know something from us, we feel happy to help you.

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