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Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021

 Nowadays, there are many people working as bloggers, tech writers, novelists etc. They have great writing skills to give a finishing touch to their writing skills, there are a few apps to help such people. If you are a writer and searching for best writing apps especially for Android then you are most welcome!

Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021
Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021

This post has no information on writing apps for iphone or iOS devices. Only Android users can get their desired information here. So, if you are not an android user, we are sorry about that! What are we waiting for? Let’s rush into it.

  1. Grammarly

It is obviously a great app for writers. You can even use your virtual keyboard to write but it may not provide the best results as grammarly. Many writers can have certain grammatical mistakes which may make them feel low but grammarly finds all those mistakes and help you to rectify them.

Grammarly helps you to write your content in a professional way as it can identify and correct all the grammatical mistakes.

Top Features

  • Can identify and correct grammatical mistakes.
  • Benefit of having proofreading features.
  • Relish light and dark themes.

Price: Free, and different plans are available.

  1. Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs

 Google Drive has generally been perhaps the most remarkable online office suite, and it remains so right up ’till today. It gives a moderately perfect and versatile composing experience, especially on Android cell phones and tablets.

It gives you admittance to a word processor in Google Docs, distributed storage as Google Drive, and the capacity to take notes utilizing Google Keep. Subsequently, this is a great set-up of applications for scholars.

It can even be utilized to compose scripts for your YouTube recordings.

Top Features

  • Users can easily attach or reply to the comments in the document itself.
  • Users have an option to share and cooperate in the same document coinciding.
  • You can undoubtedly investigate it, directly in Docs with the Explore include.

Price: Free / $1.99-$199.99 per month.

  1. iA Writer
iA Writer
iA Writer

iA Writer is an instinctive, direct composing application that Android clients will discover simply to utilize and learn.

It’s a clean application that eliminates all interruptions, permitting you to zero in on your imaginative work. With Focus Mode, you can diminish everything on the screen aside from the line on which you are working.

It likewise upholds Markdown so you can compose HTML rapidly. iA writer includes a light and dull subject, and it likewise matches up to Dropbox.

The application will likewise help you feature powerless action words, monotonous words, syntactic blunders and that’s just the beginning.

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At last, the work area form of iA Writer likewise connects to WordPress, permitting you to compose blog entries and distribute to your website rapidly and without any problem.

Top Features 

  • Users can concentrate on their work as it provides a distraction free writing surroundings for the user.
  • It comprises an upturn light on dark mode.
  • It doesn’t stick to any custom file format or database.

Price: Free / $29.99.

  1. JotterPad 

JotterPad gives a free form, and it’s designed explicitly for journalists.

It can assist you with composing books, screenplays and different types of composing also. There is a no-interruption mode that assists you with getting into the zone and tune out interruptions.

It even has a word counter, a dim mode and backing for distributed storage. You can even access split-screen mode, where you can chip away at two archives without a moment’s delay.

 Top Features 

  • It has an integrated dictionary that helps users to search precise words.
  • You can even write offline as it connects with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Dark themes, phrase searches, Markdowns, snapshots are some of the features that are incorporated into the app.

Price: Free / $5.99-$14.99 once / $0.99 per month.

 Let’s Wrap Up

These are only a couple of the top applications accessible on Android right now for authors, all things considered.

Any of these composing instruments can assist you with contributing to a blog, composing a book or making an article while utilizing a tablet or Android cell phone. Try out these Android writing applications and track down the one that best meets your composing needs.


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