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iOS 16.4.1 update – Here Is Why You Should Update

Apple has recently released the iOS 16.4.1 update, which is an emergency patch and should be updated immediately. The iOS 16.4.1 update comes with a warning from Apple to update now because it fixes two security vulnerabilities that are being actively used in real-life attacks. 

The first vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-28205, is an already-exploited flaw in WebKit, which is the engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser. This flaw could allow an attacker to execute code on a user’s device. The second vulnerability, CVE-2023-28206, is an issue in the IOSurfaceAccelerator that could allow an app to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. We expect that these vulnerabilities are fixed in the iOS 16.4.1 update.

Apple has not provided many details about what exactly is fixed in the new iOS 16.4.1 update, but both vulnerabilities are serious and have been actively exploited. The fact that Apple has issued the iOS 16.4.1 update on a weekend, which is very rare, highlights the sheer importance of the iOS 16.4.1 update. iOS 16.4.1 update is the most serious update since February when the iPhone maker issued iOS 16.3.1 to fix a flaw that was already being used in attacks.

Independent security researcher Sean Wright recommends installing the iOS 16.4.1 update immediately, given that it is an emergency patch and the vulnerability is being actively exploited. He also points out that the vulnerability was identified by Amnesty International’s Security Lab, suggesting that it is being weaponized for nefarious purposes.

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Global cybersecurity advisor at ESET, Jake Moore, also stresses the importance of the iOS 16.4.1 update now. He advises people to make sure their devices have auto-updates on and to check their settings to ensure they installed the iOS 16.4.1 update. While automatic updates on iPhones are useful, it’s a good idea to actively install the iOS 16.4.1 update manually now. Automatic updates are rolled out gradually across regions, so it can sometimes take a while to reach everyone.

iOS 16.4.1 Update Now Warning Issued To All iPhone Users

In addition to fixing security vulnerabilities, the iOS 16.4.1 update also fixes some bugs that have been plaguing iPhone users, including a Siri issue. To get the iOS 16.4.1 update, go to Settings > General > Software Update and upgrade to the iOS 16.4.1 update to keep your iPhone safe.


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