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How to Set a Gold Lock Screen on Your Device?

As of today, you probably won’t ever come across anyone without a device like a smartphone or a tablet. The pervasive purpose is to use those devices for personal use engendering the need to be wary about privacy and security. Besides, many people boast about the top-tier aesthetic appeal and embedded features of their device purchased with their hard-earned money.

For this reason, the ‘Gold Lock Screen’ application shines to quench their thirst for desired appeal and features. As it encompasses the solution to both requirements, namely the style quotient and security necessities.

Let’s dive into its vital aspects to further elucidate every feature of this application in detail.

How to Set a Gold Lock Screen on Your Device
How to Set a Gold Lock Screen on Your Device

What is the ‘Gold Lock Screen’ app?

The Gold Lock Screen application is a security solution providing you with many outstanding unlocking themes combined with loads of customizations. Besides its reliable security feature, it gives your device an alluring appearance owing to the incorporated gold-themed wallpapers.

The wallpapers sport an enticing zipper with seamless animation. The application offers several functionalities such as Row style, Pattern Password lock, Lock screen Background customizations, and a convenient option to preview the combinations of styles. This application also provides toggle options to Enable/Disable the vibration and Show/Hide the date.

Wondering how to set this application for efficient usage. No worries! We got you covered.

Installation & Features

Search for the Gold Lock Screen app (nearly 11 Mb in size) on the Google Play store on your Android Device. Click on the Download button and let the auto-installation process complete. After opening the application, you have to allow some required permissions for its effective functioning.

At Home Screen, you will notice the simplistic User Interface (UI) integrating various constructive features. Toggle the first visible option, ‘Enable Lock Screen’, it will automatically set the lock screen with default settings.

Home Screen options

To customize it further, you get the ‘More Themes’ option incorporating many themes to choose from. The Wallpaper option provides stylish alternatives for the Lock Screen. In addition, there is this ‘Zipper Style’ option offering you many designs to let you conform to the chosen background wallpaper.

You can also tweak the zip itself through the ‘Row Style’ option present on the Home Screen. Another convenient option is ‘Preview’, allowing you to experience the set combinations of the entire Lock Screen while being in the application itself. Hence, no need to exit the application and unlock your phone to choose the preferred combination.

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The ‘Settings’ option embedded on the Home screen will take into account other customizing factors. You can enable the pattern password inside the ‘Settings’ to ensure the safety and privacy factor. Click on ‘Set Password’ and then draw the pattern of your choice twice. Other striking features include ‘Transparent Background’, ‘Show Date’, and ‘Time Format’. The time format option allows you to set the 12h/24h format.

However, you can always turn off the options that feel unnecessary or gaudy to enjoy a clean and simplistic appearance.

Concluding Thoughts

Till now, it should be crystal clear that the ‘Gold Lock Screen’ application is a promising application for the users prioritizing the security and appearance aspect of their device. It delivers every feature imperative for any lock screen app, keeping an appealing royal look emanating from the Gold theme. So, recommending this application is No Brainer.


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