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Top 5 Security Cameras Under Rs. 1000 in 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safety of your home or office is more important than ever. Thankfully, security cameras have become affordable, making it easier for everyone to keep an eye on their property. If you’re on a budget of Rs. 1000 or less, here are the top 5 security cameras that offer great value without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Security Cameras Under Rs. 1000?

Please note that prices may vary depending on the seller and any ongoing discounts or promotions

Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p:

The Mi Home Security Camera offers 1080p resolution, night vision, and two-way audio communication. It’s easy to set up and can be controlled through a mobile app. Plus, it comes at an unbeatable price.

Price: Around Rs. 899 to Rs. 999

TP-Link Tapo C100

TP-Link’s Tapo C100 provides 1080p video quality, motion detection, and night vision. It’s a compact camera that can be placed discreetly in your home. With the Tapo app, you can monitor your space from anywhere.

Price: Approximately Rs. 949 to Rs. 999

D3D D8810 2MP WiFi Home Security Camera

D3D’s D8810 offers 2MP resolution and has a wide-angle lens for better coverage. It has motion detection, mobile alerts, and the option to save recordings to a microSD card, making it a great budget-friendly choice.

Price: Roughly Rs. 899 to Rs. 999

Qubo Smart Home Security Camera

The Qubo camera offers a combination of security features, including face recognition, two-way talk, and automatic tracking. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for advanced features at an affordable price.

Price: Typically available for Rs. 999

Realme 360° Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

Realme’s 360° camera offers panoramic coverage and 1080p video quality. It has AI motion detection, infrared night vision, and cloud storage options. The sleek design fits well with any home decor.

Price: Around Rs. 999


Securing your space doesn’t have to be expensive. These top 5 security cameras under Rs. 1000 offer a range of features to fit your needs, whether you want basic surveillance or more advanced functionalities. Choose the one that suits you best, and enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank. Remember to read reviews and check compatibility with your devices before making your final decision. Your safety is worth the investment.


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