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OnePlus Pad Android 14-Based OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 Update Rolling Out in India

OnePlus has just released a cool update for their OnePlus Pad. It’s called the Android 14 OxygenOS Open Beta 1 update. We’re here to tell you all about the awesome stuff it brings to your tablet.

The New and Improved OnePlus Pad

OnePlus has given your tablet a real boost with this update. Here’s what’s cool about it:

1. Faster and Smoother

Your OnePlus Pad will run much faster with this update. You’ll be able to open apps quickly and do more things at once without any problems.

2. Better Look

They’ve also made your tablet look better. The screen will be easier to use, and you’ll enjoy looking at it more.

3. Stay Safe

Now, your tablet is even safer. It’s got the latest updates to keep your stuff safe from bad people.

4. More Battery Life

You can use your tablet for longer without needing to charge it. It’s great for busy days.

5. Use More Apps

This update makes it easier to use more than one app at a time. You can do more things without switching between apps all the time.

What’s in the Update

If you want to know exactly what’s in this update, here’s a list:

Faster Performance: Apps open quickly, and it’s easier to do many things at once.

Better Looks: The tablet looks better and is easier to use.

More Safety: The update has new security stuff to keep your tablet safe.

Longer Battery Life: Your tablet can be used for a longer time without charging.

Use More Apps: You can use more than one app at the same time easily.

How to Get the Update

If you want to get all these cool things on your tablet, follow these simple steps:

Open Settings on your tablet.

Scroll down and tap System.

Choose Software Updates.

See if there’s an update and follow the instructions to install it.


This update from OnePlus makes your tablet better in many ways. It’s a must-have if you own a OnePlus Pad. Don’t miss out on these exciting improvements. Get the update and enjoy your tablet even more! Official OnePlus website has more updates and news on the OnePlus Pad. Make sure to check it out!


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