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Xiaomi SU7: A New Electric Car is Coming Soon

Xiaomi‘s electric car, the SU7, is getting ready to be made in large numbers starting in February. This is exciting news for Xiaomi and its fans.

Production Schedule

Starting Slowly

The production will begin slowly with about 2,000 cars made in March. This makes sense because of the Chinese New Year break, and it gives Xiaomi time to start things up again.

Getting Faster

After March, more and more cars will be made each month. By July, Xiaomi plans to make 10,000 cars every month. This is a big step for Xiaomi in making cars.

What it Means for Cars

Xiaomi’s Plan

This move by Xiaomi is important because it shows they want to be a big player in the electric car world. More electric cars are good for the environment, and Xiaomi wants to be part of that change.

How Much it Costs

The most advanced version of the SU7, called the SU7 Max, might cost around CNY 361,400. That’s a lot of money, but it’s important to see if people think it’s worth it.

What’s Next

Waiting for the Car

We don’t know exactly when people will get their hands on the SU7 after it starts being made. Xiaomi will likely tell us more soon.

People are Excited

This news has made a lot of people who love electric cars excited. Xiaomi is entering a new world of making cars, and people are curious to see how it goes.

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