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WhatsApp Tests Multi-Account Feature for Android Beta Users

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, is testing a new feature for Android beta users that allows them to have multiple accounts. This feature aims to make things easier for people who have different phone numbers or want to keep their personal and work messages separate. Let’s explore this new feature and how it can improve the WhatsApp experience for Android users.

Why Do We Need a Multi-Account Feature?

Managing multiple phone numbers or separate messaging needs can be difficult with just one WhatsApp account. The multi-account feature helps solve this problem by letting users have multiple accounts within the same app. This is useful for people who have personal and work phone numbers, entrepreneurs with multiple businesses, or those who want to separate their social and professional messaging.

Testing and Availability:

The multi-account feature is currently being tested with a select group of users who are part of the WhatsApp Android beta program. By testing the feature with these users first, WhatsApp can gather feedback and make improvements before releasing it to everyone. Android beta users get to try out the feature early and provide valuable input to make it better.

How to Set Up Multiple Accounts:

To use multiple accounts on WhatsApp, Android beta users can follow a simple setup process. After updating to the beta version, they can go to the account settings menu and select “Multi-Accounts.” Then, they will be guided through the setup, including verifying their phone numbers. Once the setup is done, users can switch between accounts easily, accessing separate chats, contacts, and settings for each account.

A Better User Experience:

The multi-account feature offers a smoother user experience by allowing users to switch between accounts without logging out and logging back in. This saves them from constantly switching between different messaging apps or signing in and out of accounts. Users can easily move between personal and work conversations, improving their productivity and communication management.

Privacy and Security:

WhatsApp takes privacy and security seriously, and this applies to the multi-account feature as well. Each account within the app operates independently, ensuring that chats, contacts, and media stay separate and private. Users can feel confident that their personal and work conversations are secure within their respective accounts, with no mixing of data.

Future Developments and iOS Availability:

Although the multi-account feature is currently being tested for Android beta users only, it’s likely that WhatsApp will make it available to a wider user base in the future. There’s also a possibility that iOS users will have access to this feature, ensuring a consistent experience across different operating systems.


WhatsApp’s testing of the multi-account feature for Android beta users shows their commitment to providing convenience and flexibility. This feature allows users to manage multiple accounts in one app, catering to their diverse needs. With separate personal and work messaging, streamlined communication, and improved productivity, this feature brings added value to WhatsApp. As WhatsApp continues to refine the feature based on user feedback, we can expect an even better messaging experience on this popular platform.


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