The first "Harry Potter" series is coming!

After weeks of negotiations between the film studio, streaming service and rights holder, it is now official

"Harry Potter" will be staged as a series with a completely new cast.

This has been rumoured for weeks. Most recently, industry insiders spoke of an imminent deal.

Now it's official: Warner Bros. announces the first "Harry Potter" series for the newly founded streaming platform "Max" .

New cast and one season per book

each of the seven seasons will wrap up the events of one of the seven books in total. Accordingly, Warner Bros. is talking about a "decade-long project" with a completely new cast around Harry, Ron, Hermione.

It is also now clear that Harry Potter creator J.K.Rowling will be involved in the making of the series.

In the US, the series will run on the streaming service Max, which will be created from the merger of former Warner Bros.

the series - like earlier former HBO releases - is likely to be distributed via Sky. However, nothing is official yet.

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