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How to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD Camera

Wondering how to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD camera? well, Many questions arise about whether is it possible to take pictures like a DSLR HD camera. However, to our astonishment, the answer is yes. 

The DSLR HD camera app that is available in the Play Store made it possible. You can click photos on your Android like a DSLR HD camera by just downloading the app. This app takes photos on a mobile phone that has the same quality as a DSLR camera.

How is the DSLR HD camera App useful?

Have you ever thought that you could take high-quality photos and videos on your mobile? This DSLR HD camera app can be useful for taking those types of photos and videos. The DSLR camera apps are designed for phones to offer DSLR-like options. So this app will help us to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD camera.

DSLR cameras have larger sensors and more powerful processing power than point-and-shoot cameras. This can lead to better resolution, sharpness, and clarity. DSLRs also have better low-light performance and autofocus features.

This app also offers professional effects, HD camera quality, amazing filters, stylish HDR, face detection, HD video recording, and scene modes, and takes quick snaps.

Where to find the DSLR HD camera App?

The app is currently available for all Android users on Google Play Store. HD Camera is a free app that lets you take high-quality images and panoramas. Thus you can easily find this app on the Play Store, by just entering the app’s name( DSLR HD camera ) in the search bar.

How to download the DSLR HD camera App?

As mentioned above this app is available on the Google Play store, all you need to do to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD camera is,

Step 01: Open Google Play Store.

Step 02: Search for the app by entering the app’s name.

Step 03: Click and install the app.

Step 04: wait for the download to complete.

Step 05: Once it is done, you should find the DSLR HD camera app on your home screen.

How to click pictures on the DSLR HD camera app?

Let us see how to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD camera. Once you have downloaded the app, just follow the below steps,

Step 01: find and open the app.

Step 02: permit the privacy policy updates by clicking on ‘Agree’.

Step 03: now give permission it asks for ( allow HD camera to take pictures and record video).

Step 04: once done you are good to go, just click the pictures and videos and they will be saved to your albums.

I hope you all got to know how to click photos on Android like a DSLR HD Camera. As this app has many benefits, it would be the best option for the photography lover. What’s the wait for? Just grab your device and download the app now. Make sure to use it wisely and shock your friends.

Nothing Phone (2a) Charging Specs Unveiled Ahead of Pixel 8a Rival’s Debut at MWC 2024


Hey there! Exciting news about Nothing’s upcoming phone, the “Phone (2a),” has just come out. It seems like this new phone might give the Google Pixel 8a a run for its money. Let’s break down the key points.

Charging Power Revealed

A recent leak spilled the beans on the charging details of the Phone (2a). Apparently, it’s approved to use a strong 45W power brick, which is pretty cool. This means the phone might charge up really fast, just like its more expensive sibling, the Phone (2).

Going Against Google Pixel 8a

If all the rumors are true, Nothing is getting ready to compete directly with the Google Pixel 8a. The Phone (2a) is expected to debut at an event in 2024 and offer a fancy design without the high price tag of the flagship Phone (2), which is great news for those looking for a good deal.

Display Size Clue

Although the leak didn’t spill the beans on the phone’s battery, there’s a hint that all Phone (2)-series phones will have the same size screen. This might mean a bigger battery, which is good news for people who want their phone to last longer between charges.

Wired Charging Surprise

The leak also revealed that the Phone (2a) will come with a special 45W power brick for wired charging. This is interesting because it’s usually a feature you find in more expensive phones. It’s a win for people who like fast charging.

No Wireless Charging?

Surprisingly, it seems the Phone (2a) might not have wireless charging or reverse wireless charging. This means you’ll need to plug in your phone to charge it. It’s a bit unexpected, but maybe it’s a trade-off for keeping the phone affordable.

What the Phone (2a) Looks Like

When we look at the pictures and pretend-insides of the Phone (2a), it seems like Nothing is keeping things simple and stylish. While it won’t have wireless charging, it’s still designed to look good and work well.

Competition and Wrap-Up

Nothing is aiming to compete with the Google Pixel 8a, and this could mean good news for people shopping for a new phone. With a focus on offering great features without a high price, the Phone (2a) is gearing up to be a strong contender in the smartphone world. Exciting times for tech fans!

Samsung Gallery Experience Unveiled in Latest One UI 6.1 Update for Galaxy S24 Series


Hey there! If you’re a Galaxy phone user, you’re in for a treat! Samsung recently made its Gallery app even cooler with a new update on January 26, 2024. Let’s check out what’s going on.

So, the update brings the Gallery app to version But here’s the deal – it doesn’t add new stuff or change how it looks. Instead, Samsung fixed some bugs and made the app work better.

The update is like a superhero for your Gallery app. It swoops in and fixes little problems, making everything smoother. Imagine your app working faster and not getting all glitchy – that’s what Samsung is aiming for with this update.

Alright, here’s the catch. You can only get this cool update if you have a Galaxy S24 or a similar Galaxy phone with One UI 6.1. But if you’ve got one of those, you’re in luck!

Okay, so no fancy new features, but what’s happening behind the scenes is pretty neat. The update makes the app load faster, show your photos quicker, and just generally work more smoothly. It’s like giving your app a little makeover for better performance.

Want to get in on the action? Just go to the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy S24, find the Samsung Gallery app, and hit update. Easy peasy! Just make sure your phone’s connected to the internet.

This update is like a sneak peek into what Samsung might do next. Even though this one didn’t bring big changes, who knows what the future holds? Samsung is always trying to make your phone experience better, so keep an eye out for more cool updates!

So, there you have it – your Samsung Gallery app just got a little boost. It’s like giving your phone a high-five! As Samsung keeps making things better, we can look forward to even more exciting updates down the road. Stay tuned!

Xiaomi Executive Drops Exciting Teaser: Revealing the Upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra Launch


Get ready for a new phone from Xiaomi! The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is generating a lot of buzz, and we might be getting a sneak peek soon. The company’s big boss, Lu Weibing, dropped a hint on a social media site that the phone is focused on taking awesome pictures.


Xiaomi 14 Ultra Launch

People thought the Xiaomi 14 Ultra would come out around March, but now there’s a chance it might be revealed at the MWC 2024 event happening from February 26th to 29th. That’s a big deal!

Executive Hint

Lu Weibing shared that he’s planning to use a new phone with a cool camera. Many believe he’s talking about the Xiaomi 14 Ultra since it’s supposed to have an amazing camera. Exciting, right?

Camera Details

We’ve heard some cool stuff about the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s camera. There’s a special accessory called the wireless Camera Kit that’s supposed to make pictures even better. It’s been certified in China and India, hinting that it’s almost here.

Awesome Features

This new phone is not just about the camera. There are rumours about other cool things too, like a camera hidden under the display for better selfies. Imagine that!


We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for Xiaomi to show off the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, especially with all these hints and leaks about its amazing camera and features. Stay tuned for more updates – it’s going to be exciting!

Exciting News: Vi’s 5G Launch and Airtel, Jio Plans Revealed Soon


Great news! Vodafone Idea (Vi) is getting ready to bring 5G services to India in about 6-7 months. This is a big deal in the telecom world. We’ll also talk about what Airtel and Reliance Jio are planning for their 5G services.

Vi’s 5G Plan

Vi’s CEO, Akshaya Moondra, shared that they are serious about launching 5G services. They are talking to tech partners to figure out how to do it. But, their plan details depend on finishing some money-raising activities.

Rivals’ 5G Progress

While Vi is working on 5G, its competitors Jio and Airtel are already ahead. Jio finished its 5G rollout across the country, and Airtel plans to do the same by March 2024. So, they are leading the race right now.

Vi’s Changes

Vi is making some changes to improve its services. They stopped 3G services in some places like Maharashtra and Gujarat in 2023. They plan to turn off 3G everywhere by 2025, moving towards more advanced technologies.

Hints About Airtel and Jio Plans

During an earnings call, Vi hinted that Airtel and Jio might soon tell us how much their 5G plans will cost. Moondra talked about the big investments Airtel and Jio made in 5G technology. It sounds like they might start charging for 5G services soon.

Possible Price Announcements

Even though Airtel and Jio haven’t officially said anything, Vi’s CEO suggested that they might tell us about the prices of their 5G plans very soon. This means that we might need to pay for 5G services instead of getting them for free.

Vi’s 5G Plan Prices

Moondra said that Vi will reveal the prices of their 5G plans when they officially launch the service. We don’t know the details yet, like how much data we’ll get or how fast the internet will be. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement.


Vi’s entry into 5G is a big deal, and it’s making the competition in the telecom world more exciting. As Vi gets ready for its 5G launch, we are also eagerly waiting to find out what Airtel and Jio have planned for us. The way we use the internet might change, and it’s an exciting time for everyone!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Display Issue: What’s Going On?


The new Samsung Galaxy S24 is out, but some people are not happy with how the colors look on the screen. People say the bright colors on the Vivid setting are not as vibrant as they should be. Samsung knows about the problem and is working on fixing it with a software update.

Not-So-Bright Colors

Some users found that when they use the Vivid setting, the colors on the screen don’t look as lively as before. It’s like the colors are more muted, similar to the Natural setting. Because of this, some people are thinking about returning their phones, hoping Samsung can make it better.

Samsung Says They’re Fixing It

Samsung knows about the color problem, and they promise to make it right. They’re working on a solution with a software update, but they haven’t said exactly when it will be ready. While they’re trying to fix it, people are still waiting to see when their phones will look as good as they expected.

Checking the Problem

People have tested the phones, including us, and it’s true—the Galaxy S24 colors aren’t as bright as the older Galaxy S23. Samsung’s support team says they’re on it, but users are eager to know when their phones will look better.

Waiting for the Update

Samsung is busy fixing the color issue, and users hope it happens soon. Even though we don’t know all the details about the update, everyone is looking forward to hearing when it will be ready.

Keeping an Eye Out

We’ll be watching closely to see what happens next and will let you know if there are any updates. Samsung is saying they want to make things right, and we hope the upcoming update will bring back the vibrant colors everyone was expecting from the Galaxy S24.


The new Samsung Galaxy S24 has a little problem with its colors, but Samsung is working to fix it. While users wait for the update, they’re hopeful that soon their phones will show the bright and lively colors they were looking forward to. Stay tuned for more news about the Galaxy S24 display fix.

Mastering Your Xiaomi Battery: Unleash the Power of HyperOS for Long-Lasting


Are you a Xiaomi phone user? Let’s talk about making your phone battery last longer in simple terms. Xiaomi has this cool thing called HyperOS, and we’re going to explore a feature called ‘Night Charge Protection.


1. HyperOS and Night Charge Protection

Okay, so HyperOS is like a special tool in your Xiaomi phone. It has a feature called ‘Night Charge Protection’ that helps your battery live a longer life. When you charge your phone at night, it stops at 80%, which is good for the battery.

How to Turn it On
  • Go to phone settings.
  • Find ‘Battery’ and then ‘Battery Protection.’
  • Look for ‘Night Charge Protection’ and switch it on.

2. Tips for Charging Smarter

You want your battery to stay healthy, right? Here are some easy tips:

20-80 Rule

Keep your battery between 20% and 80% whenever you can. It’s like giving your battery a sweet spot.

No Overnight Charging

Try not to charge your phone all night. Use ‘Night Charge Protection’ instead.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Don’t leave your phone where it’s too hot or too cold. Your battery doesn’t like that.

3. Easy Tricks for Saving Power

Making your battery last is pretty simple

Location and Bluetooth

Only use location and Bluetooth when you need them. Turn them off when you’re done.

Apps Nap Time

Close apps you’re not using. Your phone can do this automatically too.

Dark Mode is Cool

Switch to a dark theme on your phone. It saves battery, especially if you have an AMOLED screen.

4. Extra Tips for Pro Users

If you want to be a battery pro, here are a few more things:

HyperOS Magic

There are special modes in HyperOS that help save power. Use them wisely, especially when your battery is low.

App Control

Stop some apps from running in the background. It’s like building a wall around the apps that use a lot of power.

Xiaomi Gadgets Team Up

If you have a Xiaomi smart band or watch, connect it to your phone. It helps your phone do less work and saves battery.

That’s it! Remember, taking care of your Xiaomi battery is like taking care of a friend. Try these tips, and your phone will stay charged up for all your student adventures. And hey, share these tips with your friends too!

Xiaomi SU7: A New Electric Car is Coming Soon


Xiaomi‘s electric car, the SU7, is getting ready to be made in large numbers starting in February. This is exciting news for Xiaomi and its fans.

Production Schedule

Starting Slowly

The production will begin slowly with about 2,000 cars made in March. This makes sense because of the Chinese New Year break, and it gives Xiaomi time to start things up again.

Getting Faster

After March, more and more cars will be made each month. By July, Xiaomi plans to make 10,000 cars every month. This is a big step for Xiaomi in making cars.

What it Means for Cars

Xiaomi’s Plan

This move by Xiaomi is important because it shows they want to be a big player in the electric car world. More electric cars are good for the environment, and Xiaomi wants to be part of that change.

How Much it Costs

The most advanced version of the SU7, called the SU7 Max, might cost around CNY 361,400. That’s a lot of money, but it’s important to see if people think it’s worth it.

What’s Next

Waiting for the Car

We don’t know exactly when people will get their hands on the SU7 after it starts being made. Xiaomi will likely tell us more soon.

People are Excited

This news has made a lot of people who love electric cars excited. Xiaomi is entering a new world of making cars, and people are curious to see how it goes.

Nothing Phone (2a): Affordable Elegance with 45W Fast Charging Set to Impress at MWC 2024


Nothing, a tech company, is launching a new phone called Nothing Phone (2a), and it’s going to be affordable (less than Rs 30,000). The phone just got certified, and the cool part is it can charge super fast at 45W. Let’s look at why this is exciting!

Super Fast Charging

The phone got a certificate, and it says it can charge really fast – 45W to be exact. That’s awesome because waiting for a slow charge is no fun. People will love how quickly their phone can get ready for action.

Special Charging Tech

What’s even cooler is how the phone charges. Most phones have their special charging way, but Nothing Phone (2a) uses something called USB Power Delivery. It’s like a universal language for charging that many famous phones understand, like iPhones and Samsungs. This means you can use the same charger for different gadgets, which is pretty handy.

No Charger in the Box?

Because of the special charging tech, some think the phone might not have a charger in the box. Don’t worry, though! Even if there’s no charger included, the special chargers work for lots of things like laptops and iPads. It’s like one charger for many devices – pretty cool, right?

Cool Stuff Inside

The Nothing Phone (2a) has some really cool features. It has a big, colorful screen that’s 6.7 inches, perfect for watching videos or playing games. The phone’s brain, called the processor, is good at making everything run smoothly. The cameras are also great – there are two at the back (50MP each) for awesome pictures, and one in the front (16MP) for cool selfies.

Easy to Use

The phone runs on Something OS 2.5, based on Android 14. This means it’s easy to use and has the latest features. You can customize things the way you like and be sure your phone is safe and updated.

Price and Launch Info

Guess what? The new phone might be cheaper than its big brother, the Nothing Phone (2). People are saying it could be under Rs 30,000! The big reveal is happening at a place called the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on February 27th. That’s when everyone will get to see the new phone and find out how much it costs.


So, the Nothing Phone (2a) seems like a really cool phone with fast charging, a big screen, and awesome cameras. And the best part? It might not be too expensive! Let’s wait and see all the cool things it can do at the Mobile World Congress!

Apple’s Next-Gen CarPlay Set to Hit the Streets in 2024


Apple is launching a new version of CarPlay this year, making it even cooler. The beta version of iOS 17.4 gives us a sneak peek at some awesome features that will make driving easier and more fun.

1. Auto Settings: Make Your Drive Yours

The new CarPlay lets you set things up just the way you like them. It’s like having your own personal driving experience without any hassle.

2. Car Camera: See What’s Around You

There’s a cool new feature called Car Camera. It shows you a live view of what’s around your car. This can be super helpful when parking or driving in tricky places.

3. Charge: Keep Your Electric Car in Check

If you drive an electric car, CarPlay has a special feature for you. It helps you keep an eye on your car’s battery, making sure you never run out of power.

4. Climate: Stay Comfortable on the Go

With the ‘Climate’ feature, you can control the temperature in your car without touching anything. It’s all hands-free, making your drive more comfortable.

5. Closures and Routes: Avoid Traffic Jams

CarPlay now tells you if there are road closures or a better route to take. This is like having a smart co-pilot, helping you avoid unexpected problems.

6. Tyre Pressure: Safety First

Safety is a big deal, and CarPlay helps with that too. The ‘Tyre Pressure’ feature lets you know if your tires need attention, keeping you safe on the road.

7. Trips: Remember Your Adventures

CarPlay remembers your trips. It’s like a fun journal for your car rides. Great for remembering cool places you’ve been!

8. For Everyone: Works with Many Cars

The best part? CarPlay works with lots of different cars, including ones from Tata and Mahindra. So, no matter what car you have, you can enjoy these awesome features.

In a nutshell, Apple’s new CarPlay is like a tech upgrade for your car. It makes driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Keep an eye out for it in 2024 – your drives are about to get a whole lot cooler!