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How to Control My Phone With Voice?


Thinking about how to Control your phone with voice? Yes! There’s an option to control your phone with voice. Don’t stress yourself more! Here’s the thing you need.

Voice Access is the app that helps you Control your phone with your voice commands. With this you can command your phone without touching it that saves much of your time.

Voice Access can be the best one for those who can’t type something and also for the busy individuals. Simply Control your phone by commanding it with your voice and get your work done in a simple way. Let’s go deep with the Voice Access app.

Voice Access App

Voice Access as the name suggests uses your voice to run the functions of your phone. You can control the navigation bar like go back, go home etc, control the screen like tap next, scroll down and even edit a text by just spelling out the text.

To know about all commands you can say “Help”. Voice Access can be the best app for those who are blind or couldn’t type due to some disabilities or for those who are engaged in some other work. 

When you speak out anything to message something it converts your words into text and sends to the desired person. Voice Access helps you open various apps, text a message, call someone and many more with your voice.

How to Use Voice Access App?

To use Voice Access you should have it on your device but before you download the app you need to look for some requirements. Check out the requirements mentioned below.

  • Your Android device must be of 5.0 version or higher. Go to the settings and then about the phone to know the version of your phone.
  • You must have a Google app previously.
  • Selected language for easy speaking that controls your phone.

Step Wise Guide to Use Voice Access

Here are a few steps you need to follow to use Voice Access to control your phone with your voice.

Step-01: Check your Phone

Firstly, you need to check whether your phone is compatible with the Voice Access or not. Above mentioned are the few recommendations that must be fulfilled to use Voice Access on your device.

Step 02: Download Voice Access App 

If your phone is compatible with the app, navigate to google play store and download the Voice Access app.

Step 03: Activate the Voice Access 

To activate or start using the Voice Access app you need to navigate to the settings and click on Accessibility later open the voice Access option present there.You will find the Use Voice Access option click it.

Voice Access can be started in the following three ways:

  • If there is activated Hey Google detection then you just need to say Hey Google, Voice Access. 
  • You can also use it by opening the Voice Access app on the main menu.
  • The third way is to activate the Voice Access button.

Following the above steps you can use the Voice Access on your phone and control your phone with your voice.


Wrapping Up

Now you need not to struggle much to use your phone as you now know how to Control your phone with your voice. Just follow the above mentioned steps to use the Voice Access and have a hands free control on your phone.

Stay connected with us to get more info about similar stuff. Hope here’s everything you need. Let us know if there’s something we have missed or you need to know something from us, we feel happy to help you.

Top 7 Best Status Apps – You Must Try


The status apps are the apps that might be used to update your status on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. 

Nowadays, keeping a status has become a common task for both children and adults, therefore in this article, you will come to know the best status apps that can be used to increase your followers by allowing them to see your status.

Without consuming much of your time, let’s briefly discuss the top 7 best status apps of all time.

1 ShareChat

It is readily available in the play store. After downloading, there is a login procedure. After completion of this procedure, you can create a profile or user I’d then you can go for browsing of videos, audios and pictures

that you like to download. 

Languages can also be changed, so it attracts many users. You can gain vivid knowledge of news, political issues, history and about many places.

It has very best features not only for status downloading but also for uploading pictures, mp3 audio and mp4 videos. Since it has vivid features there are a vast number of users using this app. You can also earn money through this app by uploading catchy videos. 

It has a unique feature, you can chat with the unknown person without knowing their user Id. You can find some celebrities and their daily posts.

2 Status Saver

You may get this app from the Google Play store. It doesn’t have a login producer, just you need to tap on the allow button for the phone permissions, therefore you can download the status that you like.

When your friend uploaded a status that attracted you. And you asked your friend to share the status, but your friend hasn’t seen your text. But there is no need to waste your time by asking your friend, since you can download the status that your friend uploaded without his/her notice.

It has a unique feature in which it has 18 languages, so that normal people who know only their common language can also use this app.

3 Best Quotes and Status

It is readily available in the play store. After downloading the app you can find many categories of quotes based on the situation. It’s been one of the popular app with higher ratings.

You can not only download the quotes, but you can also upload quotes based on your interest. You can also get the required content by requesting them.

The errors on this app can be rectified through simple feedback.

4 Vid Status – Video Status – Status download

Go to the Play Store and get this app by hitting the install button. After downloading this app, you get the notifications for the app permissions. It comprises short videos, movie clips, birthday wishes stickers, songs, comedy clips and much more. For every glance you get wishes which is a crazy feature. It has a peculiar feature of renewing the car/ bike insurance.

5 DP and Status Video for WhatsApp

It is readily available in the play store. It has the highest downloads. It has vivid categories like comedy videos, lyrics videos, Bollywood movie clips, songs videos and much more. It comprises HD quality videos. It is available in android and iPhone version. These also include short videos that are fit for WhatsApp status.

It has the unique feature of earning money through quiz and other games.

6 Downloader – All Video Downloader App 2021

This app is made available to every android user via Play Store. After downloading this app, you get the notifications for app permissions.

It is one of the best status apps available in the play store. You can download status, stories, profile and other short videos from social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

You can just copy the URL links of particular status or story and paste in this app to get that status or story. You can also become a content creator by creating short videos.

7 HDV Downloader

It is readily available from the play store. After downloading this app, tapping on the start button app will be opened.

Nowadays the youth are mostly attracted to K-pop and K-dramas, this would give the best for them. You can download status, short Videos and your favorite K-pop star and K- drama idol videos.

Frequently Asked questions

  1. Which app is best for WhatsApp video download?

I guess that Status Saver is the best app from the list,  and it doesn’t have a login producer, just you need to tap on the allow button for the phone permissions, therefore you can download the status that we like to.

It has a unique feature in which it has 18 languages, so that normal people who know only their common language can also use this app.

  1. What does DT status saver mean?

 Status Saver is a free app that allows you to save WhatsApp statuses on your Android device.

Final Note

That ends our list of best status apps. Hope it’s useful and might help you to download the status that you always wanted to download. If you have any doubts regarding the topic you can post your queries in the comment box. We will go through it as soon as possible.

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How do you turn on the dark theme In MicroSoft Excel


The use of dark themes has become ubiquitous. Dark themes are now supported by almost every major software, including Microsoft Excel. All programmed in the Microsoft Office suite support dark mode. Using a dark color scheme not only makes reading easier on the eyes, but it also enhances the content. Excel’s dark theme may be enabled by following these steps:

  1. Open Excel on your computer.
  2. You may access the file menu by clicking on the File button in a left corner of the page’s ribbon.
  3. At the bottom of the page, choose the Account option.
  4. The Open Office Theme drop-down menu option.
  5. You may choose the theme by clicking on it. Dark Gray and Black are the only choices available in the drop-down menu.

The color of the ribbon, quick access toolbar, and other elements will change to match your new theme in Microsoft Excel. However, you can’t alter the color of the spreadsheet by changing the theme, and the app doesn’t provide this feature either. There is, however, a way to modify the color of a spreadsheet’s cells. You may follow these steps to learn how to do so:

  1. Make a selection from the Page Layout drop-down menu on top of the page.
  2. Select the Background option from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Insert Pictures dialogue box, choose the Search Binge option.
  4. Search for ‘solid black’ or ‘solid grey’ depending on the color scheme of your website.
  5. Click on Insert after selecting the desired background picture.

You can now see the new color in your spreadsheet, but you may also need to alter the font color since it will be difficult to read black type on a dark backdrop. Changing the font color may be done under the Font section of the home tab under the Fonts section.

How to Change Font Sytle – Best App For Multiple Fonts


Fonts are the main part of everyone’s mobile screen. But not all fonts are everyone’s favourite. We use the keyboard from sending messages, writing emails to editing stuff. Somewhere you might have thought that “It would have looked more attractive If I added a different font” or “I wish I had multiple fonts option on the keyboard”. I know It takes a lot of time when you go to another app, copy from there and paste it.

But Guess what? Your problem is solved in today’s article. I’ve come up with “The Best App For Multiple Fonts” which you can use on your device to type with different fonts from your keyboard at “Once”

Let’s get into the article…

What Is Fonts (Fonts Keyboard For emoji, Symbols ,Kaomoji) App?

This app is designed for changing fonts according to your customized needs. It has different fonts in different styles which gives your texts an attractive look. It has tons of emojis and fonts for you to use on a regular basis.

How To Install the Fonts app?

This app is available like any other app on playstore. But you follow the steps I am going to mention below to avoid any inconvenience.

Step-1: Open your mobile and go to Playstore.

Step-2: On the search bar Type “Fonts app”, here’s how it looks.

Step-3: Tap on the Install button to start downloading.

Step-4: Wait for the process to complete and open the app once it is done.

How To Change Fonts Using this app?

I’ll share with you the complete guide on how you can activate these fonts on your keyboard.

Step-1: Once you open the app, It will ask you to complete the two steps:

  1. Enable fonts keyboard
  2. Switch to fonts

First click on the enable option, It will take you to the settings where you have to disable your Samsung/google keyboard to enable “Fonts” keyboard with multiple fonts.

Step-2: After you enable this keyboard, It will ask you to choose your language. Choose any language you’re comfortable with speaking and typing.

Step-3: Done, the “Keyboard Is Ready” will appear on your screen.

Step-4: Do not get confused by seeing multiple font options on your keyboard, they will always be there, even after you exit this app.

Step-5: You can choose the font you wish anytime on any app once you enable it’s keyboard.


Enjoy typing…!


I hope this article ends your boredom of typing with only one font every single time. Now you’re free to use the fonts you want anywhere from typing messages to writing essays. Download the app now and enjoy the fonts.

What Is VPN? How To Use It On PC and Mobile


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to connect to another network via the Internet in a safe manner. VPNs can be used to access region-blocked websites, protect your browsing activity on public Wi-Fi from prying eyes, and more.

What Is VPN? How To Use It On PC and Mobile
What Is VPN? How To Use It On PC and Mobile

VPNs are very popular these days, but not for the reasons they were established. Originally, they were only a technique to securely connect business networks over the internet or to allow you to access a corporate network from your home.

VPNs essentially forward all of your network traffic to the network, which is where the benefits come from, such as remote access to local network resources and circumventing Internet censorship. Virtual private network (VPN) capability is built into most operating systems.

In normal words, ‘a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (referred to as a server) located at some place on the internet, allowing you to browse the internet using that computer’s internet connection’. So, if the server is in another nation, it will appear as if you are from that nation, and you may be able to access things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to.

Now you have a glance at what a VPN is, let’s know how to get it on your device.

How To Use VPN On Mobile Or PC?


How To Use VPN On Mobile Or PC
How To Use VPN On Mobile Or PC

The following steps will help you to know how to use VPN on mobile or PC.

  1. Decide Whether to Use a Free or Paid VPN Solution

You have a lot of alternatives if you’re using a VPN for personal purposes, such as online anonymity or accessing sites in foreign countries. Both paid and free VPN services exist, and both offer advantages:

  • Free VPN service allows you to use data only upto a certain amount, choke your network speeds, contains ads or allows you to use only on one device at the same time. if you only require a VPN once in a while, such as while using public Wi-Fi at a cafe or library, they can be useful. It doesn’t ask you to provide more information and even there is no necessity to pay. Check out some of these famous free VPN options: protonVPN, WindScribe and Speedily.
  • If you need a service that provides you with unlimited data without choking your data speed then you better choose a well reviewed paid service. Don’t worry! It will not cost you more; you can get a paid service at a low cost of $2 per month. Check out some best reviewed services here: TunnelBear,, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.
  1. Sign up for An Account

Generally, it is necessary to get signed up for an account whenever you choose a service and proceed for your first payment. As soon as you get signed up yourself you will be able to download the VPN providers software onto your PC, mobile or tablet.

  1. Install Your VPN Software

To install their software first, you need to visit the website for the VPN service that you are using and follow their instructions. You can even download their software from play store or app store in case the software you are using supports smartphones and tablets.

  • To install the software on your PC double click the file you have downloaded from the website and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After you’ve installed your VPN, go to your Start menu and launch it.
  • On a Mac, you’ll usually be prompted to drag the.dmg file into your Applications folder after launching it. If your computer is password-protected, you’ll be prompted for your password when you first start it up.
  • To launch the app on your Smartphone you will be asked to sign in with your account if you don’t have any account then you have to create one.

VPN Advantages vs Disadvantages

Advantages of VPN.

  • A VPN Hides Your Online Identity.
  • VPN Services Secure Your Online Connections.
  • VPNs Can Bypass Firewalls.
  • VPNs Help You Bypass Geo-Blocks.
  • VPN Can Prevent Bandwidth Throttling.
  • VPNs Will Help in Avoiding Price Discrimination.
  • VPNs Offer Secure Torrenting.
  • VPNs Make Online Gaming Better.

Disadvantages of VPN.

  • Not All Devices Natively Support VPNs
  • VPN Can Put Your Privacy in Danger, if it isn’t from a trustworthy source.
  • Quality VPNs Will Cost Money.
  • VPNs Sometimes Slow Down Browsing Speed.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a VPN

When utilising public Wi-Fi, the easiest way to be safe is to use a VPN service like Norton Secure VPN, which works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows PCs and Apple Macs. When it comes to selecting a VPN provider, here are some questions to consider.

  1. Do they Respect Your Privacy?

The main thing about using VPN is it protects your personal data. So it’s obvious that VPN respects your privacy. They should have a no-log policy, meaning they should never track or log your online actions.

  1. Do they Run the Most Current Protocol?

Compared to other protocols, like PPTP, open VPN offers stronger security.

  1. Do they Set Data Limits?

Bandwidth may be a major decision factor for you, depending on your Internet consumption. Check to verify if you’ll get full, unmetered bandwidth with no data limits to ensure their services are right for you. Remember that certain packages may not cost you anything, but you will be bombarded with advertising.

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  1. Where are the VPN Servers Located?

Make a list of the server locations that are most important to you. If you want to appear as if you’re accessing the Internet from a specific location, be sure that country has a server.

  1. Will You be Able to Connect to Your VPN from Multiple Devices?

If you’re like most people, you use three to five gadgets at any given time. You should be able to use the VPN on all of them at the same time, if possible.

There are many more points to be considered so be prepared before choosing a VPN service.

VPN – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Use VPN in India?

Is it Legal to Use VPN in India
Is it Legal to Use VPN in India

Although there are no regulations specifically prohibiting the use of VPNs in India, the government does not encourage their use.

Although it is absolutely legal to use a VPN in India, there have been allegations of authorities persecuting locals for doing so. The Indian government has broad rights to restrict websites and certain types of content under the Information Technology Act, and police have the authority to do the same.

Is VPN So Secure?

VPN protects your personal data and internet history but I don’t mean it protects your PC from viruses or any other malware. There is a need to use anti virus software whether you use VPN or not because VPN doesn’t protect you from viruses or other malware.

If by chance, a malware had entered your device it will easily steal all your data and destroy it. Hence, it is better to use an anti virus software to secure your data.

Why Should You Use a VPN in India?

There are many apps ( Chinese apps) that are banned by the Indian government in the year 2020. Those apps include Tik Tok, WeChat,VivaVideo and many more. These are some of the mostly used apps at that time.

If you want to use all these apps you must use VPN. A high quality VPN service will help you to connect a server in the areas where these apps are not banned.As a result, India’s internet censorship is bypassed.


Hope this info was helpful. We do not publicize or promote the use of VPNs and if you got it by any VPNs it’s totally up to you and the third party service from where you got the VPN. It’s better to check beforehand while using a VPN.

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment below, we aim to respond shortly!

Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021

 Nowadays, there are many people working as bloggers, tech writers, novelists etc. They have great writing skills to give a finishing touch to their writing skills, there are a few apps to help such people. If you are a writer and searching for best writing apps especially for Android then you are most welcome!

Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021
Top 4 Best Writing Apps For Android Users in 2021

This post has no information on writing apps for iphone or iOS devices. Only Android users can get their desired information here. So, if you are not an android user, we are sorry about that! What are we waiting for? Let’s rush into it.

  1. Grammarly

It is obviously a great app for writers. You can even use your virtual keyboard to write but it may not provide the best results as grammarly. Many writers can have certain grammatical mistakes which may make them feel low but grammarly finds all those mistakes and help you to rectify them.

Grammarly helps you to write your content in a professional way as it can identify and correct all the grammatical mistakes.

Top Features

  • Can identify and correct grammatical mistakes.
  • Benefit of having proofreading features.
  • Relish light and dark themes.

Price: Free, and different plans are available.

  1. Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs

 Google Drive has generally been perhaps the most remarkable online office suite, and it remains so right up ’till today. It gives a moderately perfect and versatile composing experience, especially on Android cell phones and tablets.

It gives you admittance to a word processor in Google Docs, distributed storage as Google Drive, and the capacity to take notes utilizing Google Keep. Subsequently, this is a great set-up of applications for scholars.

It can even be utilized to compose scripts for your YouTube recordings.

Top Features

  • Users can easily attach or reply to the comments in the document itself.
  • Users have an option to share and cooperate in the same document coinciding.
  • You can undoubtedly investigate it, directly in Docs with the Explore include.

Price: Free / $1.99-$199.99 per month.

  1. iA Writer
iA Writer
iA Writer

iA Writer is an instinctive, direct composing application that Android clients will discover simply to utilize and learn.

It’s a clean application that eliminates all interruptions, permitting you to zero in on your imaginative work. With Focus Mode, you can diminish everything on the screen aside from the line on which you are working.

It likewise upholds Markdown so you can compose HTML rapidly. iA writer includes a light and dull subject, and it likewise matches up to Dropbox.

The application will likewise help you feature powerless action words, monotonous words, syntactic blunders and that’s just the beginning.

(Read More – Get Free Wifi Anywere )

At last, the work area form of iA Writer likewise connects to WordPress, permitting you to compose blog entries and distribute to your website rapidly and without any problem.

Top Features 

  • Users can concentrate on their work as it provides a distraction free writing surroundings for the user.
  • It comprises an upturn light on dark mode.
  • It doesn’t stick to any custom file format or database.

Price: Free / $29.99.

  1. JotterPad 

JotterPad gives a free form, and it’s designed explicitly for journalists.

It can assist you with composing books, screenplays and different types of composing also. There is a no-interruption mode that assists you with getting into the zone and tune out interruptions.

It even has a word counter, a dim mode and backing for distributed storage. You can even access split-screen mode, where you can chip away at two archives without a moment’s delay.

 Top Features 

  • It has an integrated dictionary that helps users to search precise words.
  • You can even write offline as it connects with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Dark themes, phrase searches, Markdowns, snapshots are some of the features that are incorporated into the app.

Price: Free / $5.99-$14.99 once / $0.99 per month.

 Let’s Wrap Up

These are only a couple of the top applications accessible on Android right now for authors, all things considered.

Any of these composing instruments can assist you with contributing to a blog, composing a book or making an article while utilizing a tablet or Android cell phone. Try out these Android writing applications and track down the one that best meets your composing needs.

How to Translate WhatsApp or Facebook Chats English To Hindi


The Internet has become our lifeline. A significant time of our day is passed on surfing the Internet, whether reading something or scrolling through social media feeds and chats. However, it is normal to feel at sea when you encounter something in a language that you are not good at.

Since the English language dominates the Internet, not everybody is that well versed with it. Though google translate is very helpful for translation and doing it once or twice is fine, but when you have to translate things such as WhatsApp chats or Facebook posts, it turns out to be a pain. To avoid this, here is the solution.

How to Translate Whatsapp or Facebook Chats

Well, if you are an android user, the problem has been solved for you by this beautiful app called Hi Translate. Praised by users worldwide, this is the most favoured language translator and for image-based translation.

Top Notable Features of Hi Translate App

The app is loaded with several features, which will never let you feel lacking anything. The major components can be summarised as:

  1. Cross application translation means whatever app you use, whether WhatsApp or some news app, can translate in real-time. So, you can read and write in your preferred language without any second thought.
  2. Text translation – phrases, keywords or a whole sentence, it translates all. The biggest commendable thing is its capacity to translate in real-time. You can chat in any language without making another person be even suspect that you don’t understand their language quite well.
  3. Image translation – sometimes, we don’t get a curated message but an image with some vital information or merely a joke in a foreign language. Both are the same unless they are translated in a legible format. Hi Translate app can translate even from the image with a single tap of the button. This feature is supported in 18 languages.
  1. Voice translation – it also offers real-time voice translation of both text and audio.
  2. Offline translation – not all the time, We are not connected to the internet. There are certain spots or events when you have to lose connection to the internet. Hi Translate offers a seamless service in offline mode also. By providing for this offline translation, the network limits will no more be a burden on you.
  3. Conversation translation – this app, with its powerful and fast translator, allow you to simultaneously translate in some other language when talking to a foreigner.

With this Hi Translate app, you can feel confident anytime.

Installing and Using Hi Translate Aop

  1. Go to playstore, using this link Hi Translate – Free Voice and Chat Translate – Apps on Google Play
Hi Translate
  1. Install the app. On first screen it will ask for permission to draw over other apps.

  1. After providing the permission, it will ask for your preferred language. Set your language here, for example Hindi
Select Hindi
  1. Next, give it the accessibility permission so that it can draw over other apps and translate in real time without you needing to open the app.
  1. You are all set now. Go win the world!
  2. Hi Translate app supports more than 100 languages, and it is meant for everyone, no rocket science is needed to use the Hi Translate app.

I hope that you will find this helpful information and be able to translate a message into the language of your choice.

How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App

Nowadays, there is a great demand for Instagram reels. It is a feature on Instagram where you can shoot and post their short videos just like tik tok. But to watch these videos you must spend your data, that is, they can only be watched online. But don’t worry we will provide you a few ways by which you can download these videos even offline. You may be thinking these can be downloaded from the Instagram app or website NO! it’s not possible! Then how? No worries, we are here to help you without letting you wait any longer. Let’s see how to download Instagram reels without any app.

How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App
How to Download Instagram Reels Without Any App

Here are top 3 methods we recommend to download Instagram reels.

How to Save Instagram Reels (Within Instagram)?

It doesn’t need more effort as we have a simple and straightforward method. You can save Instagram reels through the Instagram app.

  • Open Instagram reels you find three dots click it then you will see an option save just hit it.
  • To access your saved videos go to the homepage of your Instagram, click the three lines at top right corner, click saved.

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You can only save videos online and only on Instagram. Below are a few steps you need to follow to save Instagram reels on your device.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos to Your Device?

We have a lot of web tools that help you download Instagram reels videos on your desired device like Android, iPhone, PC/ laptop and Mac. I have found to be the most nice tool.

  • Visit Instagram reels page. Click three dots and choose a copy link.
Click three dots and choose a copy link
  • Go to the browser and visit search for tools and pick Instagram Downloader.
  • Paste the copied Instagram reels in the space available there and click the search button.
Paste The Copied Link
  • To find the results just scroll down for some time.
  • Click the download button present below and the video will be saved on your device.
Click the download button

You can watch those videos in the download folder on your device as they will be saved there.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos Using Google Chrome Extension?

Other than using a web tool to download Instagram reels you can download them through Chrome extension Instagram Downloader. This is mainly meant for desktop users. It is a must and should have Chrome Instagram Downloader for desktop users to download Instagram reels. Let’s look at the steps to use the tool.

  • Visit the Chrome web store and search for Instagram video Downloader.
  • Pick add to Chrome to add the appendage to the Chrome browser.
  • Take your desktop and open Instagram, sign in with your details.
  • You don’t have a reels section on your desktop as available on the app. But you can visit the user’s profile and select the reels tab present next to IGTV.
  • Enlarge the video by popping on it.
  • You will find a download button beside the save option click it so that you can preserve Instagram reels videos offline on your desktop.

You can access the downloaded videos in the download folder on your desktop or you can find these on the last saved location.

Hope your quest for downloading Instagram reels videos ends here!

How to Earn Money on Instagram Reels 2021


Want to take your business to peaks? Need to earn more money? Then Instagram will definitely help you. Yes! But how? If you want to build your business you must have a strong following for this you need to be active on Instagram reels. In this post we are going to provide guidance about how to earn money on Instagram reels. I too found a good benefit with this by using Instagram reels. I have grown my business and also earned some more money.

Without delay let me make you know about the ways to earn money through Instagram reels. There are mainly three ways to earn money. Let’s look over those.

  1. Work as an Influencer and Post Content Sponsored by Brands
Sponsored by Brands
Sponsored by Brands

 Who are influencers? Influencers are those who make creative videos and share them online and increase their followers. These people have a great impact on the public and influence them with their creative videos. There are many people especially teenagers who copy the trend of these Influencers which are shown in their videos. You must have seen that!

This will definitely increase your followers list. Then what next? When you have a strong follower list many companies will choose you to promote their brands. Whatever may be the brand, for example a dress or a shoe brand, these companies select such influencers who can wear these brands while they make their videos. As the people like to copy these Influencers, they will definitely try to have the same dress up and copy their style. This will promote the brand as well as help you earn money.

But to get all these benefits you must be an influencer first. Then how to become an influencer? With a little effort you can reach your desired goals all you need to do is build your followers. How? Talk to your friend and request them to give shoutout for your Instagram profile or there are many people who sell followers on Instagram. According to your budget you can buy a good package and slowly your followers will multiply. You can also get followers by paying to ads and market agencies. As you take your followers number to millions your life will reach great success!

  1. Be an Affiliate Marketer and Earn Using Instagram Reels

 To do this you do not need to become an influencer all you need to do is have a connection with a company and promote their products. This may not be new to you! You may have seen a lot of people promoting a company’s products, whatever it might be a makeup product, clothes etc on Instagram reels. Yeah, it’s true that you cannot earn a high income but it is sufficient for the work you do. More popularity of the product you are selling makes a Good profit. If people like the products that you have promoted, then they will definitely visit the website and purchase the product. To be honest this is a simple way to make some bucks.

  1. Become an Entrepreneur and Sell Your Products on Instagram Reels
Entrepreneur and Sell Your Products

You may have observed many new brands while scrolling your Instagram for the work an entrepreneur does. An entrepreneur is the person who builds their business either online or offline. Through Instagram reels these people can promote their products and sell them as well.

You can earn money by becoming an entrepreneur. Follow the following steps to create a business account and start your business.

  • Visit Instagram profile, click the three dots there.
  • Tap the setting option and then the account option.
  • Click business.
  • You can even connect your business account to Facebook this helps you to build your business faster.
  • Next step is to include your details like phone number and the group of businesses you would like to raise.
  • Your account will be formed once you click the done button.

As you complete the above process you will get your new account created. Now you can shoot videos prompting your products and post the reel on Instagram.

4 Best Apps to Get Free Wifi Anywhere on Your Android Device


Don’t want to use your personal mobile data anymore? Are you in search of apps that provide you free wifi on your Android? Then you are most welcome! Many people show interest in using their neighbour’s wifi. If you are one of them then you no longer have to wait for your neighbour to share their password with you. Here you can get the list of some apps that help you get free wifi anywhere on your Android device.

Best 4 Ways To Get Free WiFi

Now you can enjoy a high data speed without spending money for your mobile data package. This list of apps will save both your time and your money. Feel free to use the below given apps and enjoy free wifi wherever you need.

  1. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi analyzer as the name suggests it analyzes the wifi networks. It identifies the closest free hotspot and helps you to get a fast and practical connection. It also provides you with all the information about all the networks.

It offers each and every information statistics, it’s trustworthiness, strength of the network, a ranking of the best connections, internet reliability, and also the address of the hotspot.

It provides all the info in a very pleasant and assembled manner with many divisions on your device screen which is cleaved into five parts. It has an easy, understandable and convenient interface which makes it a better choice to the users.

Download From Playstore. 

  1. Wifi Password

Wifi password is another best app that provides free wifi everywhere. You can also get connected to the networks that are password blocked with the help of this app. Not only this, the app also provides safety to the users by identifying and avoiding the unsafe networks. It also provides a wide range of Hotspots throughout the world and also has developed a protection system.

It also offers a feature of sharing the networks with your contacts. Hurry up! and get this app soon on the play store.

Download From Playstore.

  1. Wifi Password Recovery

This app is simple and convenient to use. This app helps you to retrieve wifi passwords that you were using before but now lost connection due to certain reasons. This app acts like a professional wifi password retriever. But do not completely depend on this app as it doesn’t provide assurance of getting your lost password while using it on your smartphone due to lack of root access.

Then how does this app work? For the app to work it needs access to your device history for that you need to permit all the permissions asked for by the app. The app starts its work once to permit all the permissions it examines all the info stored in your device and cleans it retrieving back all the lost passwords. That is, you need to have a backup of your phone.

If you have no backup then you can log into your Google account and try to get back your forgotten passwords. If available then you can copy and paste the wifi passwords and can enjoy the service again.

Download From Playstore.

  1. Wifi Map

Wifi map is another fascinating app that doesn’t make you know the unseen passwords but it provides its users with a free, rapid and reliable network everywhere. It provides a wide range of Hotspots all over the world.

By using its maps the users can find many Hotspots available around then and then share those with on social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The app is simple and straightforward to use. You can download it on the play store.

Download Playstore.

Be Extra-safe When Using Public WiFi Networks

Not all public networks are safe! Yes there is a chance to get your password stolen. As we assure the users safety we don’t want your personal passwords to get stolen and your social media accounts like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc get hacked. So we are providing some safety measures you need to follow to save yourself from this unwanted trouble.

It’s natural to get your device exposed when you use a public network and of course it is unsafe. Some detrimental people can find the connected devices and insert viruses onto your device and withdraw information from your Android device.

What to do then? We don’t say all the public networks are unsafe but taking precaution before getting ill is always better. So we advise you to follow the below given tips every time you use a public network or before using any app to get free wifi.

  • You must have a good antivirus app previously installed on your Android device.
  • Avoid logging in or typing passwords on any app unless it is necessary.
  • Keep updating your device as it provides more safety and privacy.
  • Keep your Android device well encrypted.

 Wrapping Up

I hope this was helpful…! Installing these apps is pretty easy, as they are available all the time on Play store. Grab the one you need and end your quest for the free wifi.